A Stardew Valley Seasons Zine



What is a zine?
• A zine is a collaborative fan project, in which fans for a certain piece of media or a certain theme come together to create content.
What is the zine’s theme?
• This zine focuses on the theme of seasons and imagery associated with it! This can be crops associated with the season, a particular villager who’s birthday is in that season, an event within the season, and anything else that would fall under the seasons theme.
Will ships be allowed in this zine?
• Ships are permitted to be mentioned, but should not be the focus of the zine piece.
Is NSFW allowed in the zine?
• As we are sticking to Stardew Valley’s E rating, we will not be allowing NSFW content in this project under any circumstances.
Can I participate if I’m under 18?
• Unfortunately, due to the possibility of this being a for-profit venture, minors may not be contributors.
How will contributors be compensated?
• Contributors will receive a digital bundle (including merch, if we have enough interest) no matter if we breakeven. During sales, we will have two breakeven points. After providing everyone with a digital zine, we will provide them with a zine-only bundle and free shipping if sales allow. After providing everyone with a zine-only bundle and free shipping, we’ll then upgrade to a full bundle if sales allow. Contributors will also have the option to purchase merchandise and the zine at production cost.
Are AU’s allowed?
Canon-compliant AUs will be allowed in the zine, though we will likely be limiting the amount of AU content in the zine.
Is this zine inviting guests? When will guests be invited?
• We are inviting guests, yes! If you’re hoping to be a guest, please watch your emails or DM’s! Who knows, you just might see us there!
Are you only sending responses to contributors who are accepted?
• No! Even if you are rejected, you will receive an email.
Can I apply for more than one position?
• Of course! You will likely only be accepted for one position, but you can apply for as many as you’d like!
How big of an effect do pitches have on my application?
While it’s not the first thing that moderators look at, pitches will be used as a “tiebreaker” of sorts.
When will I hear back from you guys?
• You’ll hear about the status of your application on January 6th. Any delays will be communicated over on our Twitter account!
Are you giving feedback?
• This answer is largely dependent on the volume of applications we receive.
What if I’m not 18 by the time I fill the application, but I am when applications end?
• Good question. If you fill an application and turn 18 after you submit it but before the email date of January 6th, then that’s perfectly fine.
Can I have extensions for Check-Ins?
• Yes! If you message the moderation team, we can allow for extensions if needed! Extension periods will allow for one extra week to get the Check-Ins in, excluding the final Check-In, which is set in stone.
Can I reuse a piece that I created earlier?
• No. All pieces must be original and created exclusively for this zine.
Will pitches be assigned, or will we get to choose?
• We will be assigning seasons, and will then coordinate from there.
How long do we have to create our piece(s)?
• You will have about 4-ish months to create your pieces after your acceptance.
When will I be allowed to post my full piece publicly?
• Once pre-orders close, buyers have received their packages, and leftover sales are being readied, you will be allowed to post your full piece. Otherwise, you may post previews that showcase no more than 25% of your piece.
Can I use my piece in portfolios after I finish it?
• Yes. Until you are allowed to post it, however, we ask that you only use it in private portfolios that you are sharing with the moderators of that zine only. We also ask that you include a note that the piece is not to be distributed.
Can I sell my finished piece/use it on personal merchandise?
• Yes, of course. You may do so after leftover sales end.


Interest CheckSeptember 21st - October 26th
Contributor ApplicationsNovember 3rd - December 14th
Decisions SentFebruary 8th
Deadline to AcceptFebruary 11th
Check-in #1March 11th - 13th
Check-in #2 (50%)March 31st - April 1st
Check-in #3 (75%)April 21st - 23rd
Final SubmissionsMay 14th - 16th
Pre-ordersAugust 5th - September 30th
Production + ShippingOctober - Early 2024

Schedule is subject to change. Changes will be shared with contributors and the public.